About John

John was born in Newry, Co. Down on the Emerald Isle herself! He began his New York journey down in the live music venues on Bleecker Street. Ten years on and he is gigging all over the city and Tri-state area playing with a host of musicians and to a great fan base.

His musical style is….everything. He may start a song with the smooth melodies of Tom Petty, move to some Irish rebel songs and finish up channeling Lady Gaga. Playing acoustic guitar, and occasionally guest drumming, John regularly has everyone on their feet. John is happy to have people get up and sing or play, request songs or make out to his rendition of “Let’s get it on”.

John also plays private and corporate events. He’s played cocktail hours and first dances, block parties and corporate cruises, and even made an appearance at Citi Field (LGM!).

John tailors each gig to the crowd, gets everyone involved and is a big fan of comedic fillers in between songs.